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The BLM Land Grab racket in the West:


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No life, liberty or property shall be taken without the due process law. With liberty and justice for all.

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In fact, Cliven Bundy has his "water rights" from the Nevada State Water Engineer to graze his cattle on the "Gold Butte NV Public Desert Land" under the "Homestead and Desert Land Acts of Congress". 

However, in December 2016, Harry Reid persuaded Obama to order such 300,000 acres transferred from Public Lands, into a National Monument under the 1906 Antiquities Act, which prohibits cattle grazing. 

Harry Reid, via skype conferencing, had already vetted Gloria Navarro on his deal with ENN Solar Energy from China to take Gold Butte, before he recommended Obama to confirm her as the NV chief fed judge. That is why Navarro's kangaroo court has denied all Bundy Ranch people bail for 16 months, and why she has tampered with the Jury's initial "Not Guilty" Verdict. She is hell-bent to convict the Bundys' in prison for life. 

Now, Harry Reid has his $7 Billion broker fees with ENN both ways: The Bundys' remain in jail, and even if they ever get out, cattle grazing on a "fed monument" is illegal. 

That is why Trump must reverse Obama's fed lock down, and return Gold Butte into its original Public Desert Land classification, so the local People can remain using Gold Butte NV to survive. 

 DOI Sec Zenke has a 'comment' period regarding this "265 MILLION" acres of Public Land & its Resources & Water Rights being locked-up from local use & development. The Sierra Clubs & other "paid political Groups" have many 1,000's of robo comments to Zenke, falsely pretending the local PEOPLE want the feds tyranny here:https://www.regulations.gov/docketBrowser?rpp=25&so=DESC... 

A fed lock-up tyranny larger than the size of Texas:    https://www.facebook.com/1205081146207239/videos/1310881618960524/

 Under the "Homestead and Desert Land Entry Acts of Congress", Cliven Bundy had & still has his existing NV State Water Right "permits" to graze his cattle on Gold Butte NV.
Title 43 of the USC Annotated has always mandated that Water Rights are jurisdiction of the States, and the US only has interest & jurisdiction of "navigable water ways" that flow interstate as commerce. See also, 10th Amendment.The BLM has no jurisdiction into Cliven's NV State Water right permits, & no legal power to forfeit his Homestead Ranch. 


 This is the true story of facts on Harry Reid and his son Rory's contracted mission to broker their tax subsidized deal, now at $7 Billion, with ENN Solar Energy corporation  from China, to build their Solar Energy Plant in Clark County, Nevada. 

The biography on Harry Reid's  appointed political helpers in their Solar project that started in "Laughlin NV", and is now in "Gold Butte NV" are:  

1.  Harry Reid's appointed BLM Director Neil Kornze, who ordered 200 BLM mercenaries to invade the Bundy Ranch and impound their cattle off of "Gold Butte", two weeks after he was appointed...:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neil_Kornze

2. Gloria Navarro, who Harry Reid vetted, recommended, nominated and had confirmed as chief NV fed judge;  who DENIED defense motions to recuse herself on her conflicts of interest against the Bundy people; who DENIED defense motions for bail; and, who tampered with the Jury's initial "Not Guilty" Verdict...:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gloria_Navarro

3. Harry Reid's son Rory, who was Chairman of the Clark County NV Commissioners; and who is still the lead attorney for ENN Solar from China:    http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2012/09/04/harry-reid-s-son-representing-chinese-solar-panel-plant-in-5-billion-nevada-deal/  

4. Brian Sandoval, who in 2004 Harry Reid recommended,nominated and had confirmed as his NV fed judge; who in 2008 as judge omitted Franklins' property rights in Laughlin; who in 2009 resigned being fed judge to run for NV Governor; who in 2012 went to China on behalf of Harry Reid's ENN project http://www.mohavedailynews.com/business/local_business/sandoval-visits-enn-repeats-support-of-investment-in-laughlin/article_c2cf3487-769e-507a-abf7-42a6696616b3.html?mode=jqm; who is the Governor who refused to call in his NV National Guards to protect the people in the BLM Standoff of 2014 - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brian_Sandoval    

5. Who was US Senator Harry Reid in the 1990's decade? 

While Reid was sending his fraudulent press releases weekly to the Laughlin NV Times (see below), to extort my Laughlin estate, he was also brokering "BLM Land Swaps" for Howard Hughes inc; Del Webb inc; and, Olypmic inc to acquire 1,000s of acres in the Vegas valley, in exchange for their worthless cabins in Lake Tahoe NV, that they all falsely claimed to be of "historic value". 

Goldmine for Harry: Hughes built Summerlin in West Vegas, Del Webb built Anthem in Henderson; and, Olypmic built subdivisions in North Vegas, from their ghetto cabins swapped to BLM! Google that up!

Why I know? Because the BLM District Manager 'MIKE DWYER' also had my legally described estate in Laughlin, on his "BLM Land Swap" Memorandum , to swap all such land & resources, including mine. 

Relevant Franklin Biography

  1. In the 1970's & 80's, my father (Bobby Dean Franklin) worked at the coal-fired Mohave Generating Station in Laughlin NV, as a Journeyman Pipefitter dispatched from Local 525 in Vegas. I worked there on boiler turn-arounds in the 80's, dispatched from the Teamster's Union. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mohave_Power_Station  During that decade, I was field schooled from Jon Matthews of Jack Matthews Real Estate, to practice  Public Desert Land Entry law.

  • The Facts Found in the 1980's:   Adjacent to the Mohave Power Plant, I assessed the  two Sections (14 & 15) of Public Lands that had two irrigation systems and were farming and producing bermuda grass hay bails. I found BLM had issued Clark County a R&PP lease to do that, and that Bruce Woodbury was the County Commissioner of that "District A". I found & witnessed  that Clark County  was contracted with and paid "Flyash Inc." $10,000 per year to harvest; bail; and, to deliver such bails of hay to Don Laughlin at his Ranch in the Hualapai Mountains of AZ, free of charge. I concluded to file a Desert Land Entry on the adjoining Section 16, to compete with Woodbury's County irrigation projects. 

Laughlin Chronology of Facts

Desert Land Entry N-49548

In 1988, I purchased 80 acres in Section 16, from BLM, under the 1877 Desert Land Act of Congress, 43 USC 321-323, 325, to compete with the adjacent County projects.  


Subsequently, the BLM issued a "Mineral Patent Application" (MPA) on the entire Sections 9 & 16 ("1,280 acres") to fake miners ("64 invalid mining claims"). So I reported such fraud to the BLM Inspector General. https://www.doioig.gov/

 BLM then "rejected" my DLE N-49548, by mistakenly alleging it was "mineral in character". So I timely appealed from BLM, to the Dept of Interior Board of Land Appeals ("IBLA"). https://www.doi.gov/oha/organization/ibla

In 1989,  the U.S. General Accounting Office (GAO) inspected the fake mining claims on Sections 9 & 16, & reported there was no valuable minerals there. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Government_Accountability_Office

On 8/27/1990, the IBLA found that my DLE was not "mineral in character" at the time I had entered the land, and "reversed" the BLM contest: https://www.oha.doi.gov/IBLA/Ibladecisions/116IBLA/116IBLA029.pdf

Desert Land Entry N-52292

In 1989, my father purchased 80 acres in Section 16, north adjoining my 80 acres, from BLM, under the Desert Land Act of Congress, 43 USC 321-323, 325. 

In 1989, my father and I signed our will of survivor to such 160 acres that we purchased:  https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0jiIQV1AnnCcE9KY0dNVTFPNzA/view?usp=sharing

On 12/31/2006, my father past away.

The Racketeering done in Laughlin Nevada

 In 1989, I took my two children from Vegas, and we formally relocated to Laughlin NV, in a two bedroom apartment at "Riverwood": https://www.apartments.com/riverwood-apartments-i-ii-laughlin-nv/c3g29td/

In 1989, Senator Harry Reid asked me to meet in his Vegas office with his aide "Peter Aperis", regarding my pending IBLA appeal from BLM, so I did. After weeks of meeting with Peter, he falsely pretended I had no appeal property rights from BLM. The IBLA later sent me a notice, declaring that my appeal would be dismissed if Peter sent any more "ex parte" filings. I went back to Peter, & told him to never get into my property rights again. 

In 1990, Bobby L. Franklin, 116 IBLA 29 was published, I ran for NV Senate District 1, and I lost the election by less than 1%. At that time, a neighbor had kidnapped my 13-year old daughter    https://img1.wsimg.com/isteam/ip/15ed7369-3e99-4134-bab0-d764ba2c0ea7/2865417c-a885-495b-a6c6-50bbaeb2f65a.jpg/:/cr=t:0%25,l:0%25,w:100%25,h:100%25/rs=w:400,cg:true     and, my neighbor was concealing my daughter in her apartment. I went to such neighbor's apartment to no avail. I then went to the manager's office, and the cops started a fight and falsely arrested me for "neglecting my son". 

At pretrial, the Laughlin Justice of Peace "Billy Moma" read my IBLA decision in his chambers. At trial, he attempted to convict me on a string of charges I was not accused of, until the DA told him to stop it. After 52 pages of transcripts, Moma falsely convicted me of "neglecting my son", but my daughter was still kidnapped & missing. 

After trial, this Laughlin JP judge "Billy Moma" extra-judicially ordered:    1.  My missing daughter ordered to be a ward of the State of Arizona; 2. The Riverwood management ordered to evict my son & I from our apt; and, 3. I was ordered to do 80 hours of community service for the BLM river front land adjoining Don Laughlin's Riverside Casino Hotel & Resort. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1dilWUvt-GDOHRe8POsoDS8Lnm32CNwrq5L5dzDLZDCM/edit?usp=sharing 

So I appealed to the Clark County District Court, where Moma's false "neglect" conviction was reversed: https://www.clarkcountycourts.us/Anonymous/CaseDetail.aspx?CaseID=7589509. 

I later found that: 1. Moma had 2 fake BLM "mining claims" in Laughlin, recorded under his "Wooden Nickel" fictitious name: https://thediggings.com/owners/573594#page-nearby 2. Don Laughlin was the financier for Moma's JP campaigns; and, 3. Robert Bilbray is the 1st Title owner & landlord of the Riverwood Apartments: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0jiIQV1AnnCbVRXNUVmMmVPZGc/view?usp=sharing  But my daughter was still being concealed from me, now in other States.

In 1990, US Senator Harry Reid began giving the local Laughlin Nevada Times newspaper his press releases weekly, on how he was to swap and transfer my Section 16 estate to others, but he refused to admit that my father & I owned 160 acres in "Section 16". 

In 1991, I began telephoning, visiting and petitioning BLM to read and abide by their BLM Handbook Regulation 43 CFR 1862.6, and issue me the Land Patent for my DLE-49548. BLM refused, and my daughter was still missing and concealed from me. 

In 1992, I took photos of the Mohave Generationg Station & the farming that Woodbury was doing next to my DLE N-49548:  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1eCKsPuvoj28QhPPc-eDAANPjU9eFlufQDnPYPRAujeI/pub  . But BLM refused to issue me my final certificate permit; and, refused to abide by their 43 CFR 1862.6 regulation to issue me the Patent on my DLE N-49548. 

In 1992, I discovered my daughter was being concealed in a house in Bullhead City AZ, so I called the BCPD to get her out. They saw her there in a box, but pretended she was not there: http://www.bullheadcity.com/departments/police Later, I heard she was taken to Cima CA, so I went there to get her, and I was falsely told she was not there either: https://www.google.com/maps/place/Cima,+CA+92364/@35.2350717,-115.5027296,3a,90y,1.47h,88.14t/data=!3m8!1e1!3m6!1s-QK-uLPYPEgc%2FWQ0Tv_uWEeI%2FAAAAAAAENvo%2FiICBxAN7zlAzAqFF5QC7FMSVKtwEO6rPQCLIB!2e4!3e11!6s%2F%2Flh4.googleusercontent.com%2F-QK-uLPYPEgc%2FWQ0Tv_uWEeI%2FAAAAAAAENvo%2FiICBxAN7zlAzAqFF5QC7FMSVKtwEO6rPQCLIB%2Fw203-h100-k-no-pi-4.4083166-ya359.93585-ro-0.8344388-fo100%2F!7i7776!8i3888!4m5!3m4!1s0x80cf79936dbc5a8d:0x5dc1aa514ab40c1b!8m2!3d35.2377644!4d-115.4991602!6m1!1e1

On 6/24/1993, my son & I attended the NV Colorado River Commission ("CRC") meeting, in protest to their conspired attempts to transfer my DLE estate & funnel it down to the Don Laughlin & Robert Bilbray corporations: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0jiIQV1AnnCaDktM083OU9rYmM/view?ths=true     Woodbury was also the Trustee for the CRC in such meeting, & a member of the Big Bend Water District in Laughlin, obstructing my water right permit agreement.

In 1993, my daughter came back to my Vegas home, and I believed we could reunite as a family. 

On 9/20/1993, I re-recorded my valid & existing DLE Title patent right instruments in the Clark County Recorder's Office, because the Don Laughlin and Robert Bilbray corporations were soliciting BLM to take possession of my DLE [Taped] 


. Later that year while I was at work in Vegas, my Vegas apartment manager I-witnessed the same suspected Laughlin cult had taken my daughter out of my Vegas apartment, and took all my video equipment along with them. I quickly reported such kidnapping with LVMPD, to no avail. So I filed affidavits on it. In retaliation, the LVMPD filed "perjury" charges against me, alleging my daughter and property was not taken out of my Vegas apt. At Vegas trial, the DA bargained to dismiss "perjury" charges, if I leave it alone for 6 months. Otherwise, he threatened me to 6 years in prison. But my daughter was taken by the same cult who took her before, & such Court records are deleted from public records: http://www.clarkcountycourts.us/clerk/records-search.html  I continued to file and search for my daughter from the LVMPD Missing Persons Division, and records across the nation., for years. 

On 10/4/1995, the BLM Master Title Plat Map shows the 80 acres in Section 16 is legally segregated to Franklin, Serial No. DLE N-49548, as verified with the (above) Title patent instruments re-recorded by the Clark County Recorder on 9/20/1993: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0jiIQV1AnnCNndfQ0pBSy10NW8/view?ths=true 

On 1/3/1996, the BLM real esate specialist admits that Franklins are on IBLA land appeal from BLM, yet  he falsely claims the Franklins are trespassing on Section 16: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0jiIQV1AnnCZUFvVU1mdE96Q0U/view?ths=true 

On 2/14/1996, Laughlin Town Manager Jackie Brady (appointed by Woodbury) began writing a series of secret letters to her organization, to transfer Section 16 to themselves, falsely pretending Franklins did not own 160 acres in Section 16: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0jiIQV1AnnCV2pRX0ZTTFFyNkE/view?ths=true 

On 2/21/1996, their organized "Section 16 land swap hits a snag": https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0jiIQV1AnnCcnZQcWlZTUFUcFk/view?ths=true  

On 4/9/1996, Robert Bilbray, a/k/a chairman of Laughlin Public Works (appointed by Woodbury), a/k/a the "Laughlin Developer", a/k/a the Robert Bilbray corporations threatened Franklin to defamation damages for exposing his RICO enterprise, and sent all his co-conspirators a copy of it: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0jiIQV1AnnCb3FLU0hKUXRPdkk/view?ths=true 

On 11/3/1996, I was severely beaten at Don Laughlin's Riverside Resort parking lot by his security guards and by LVMPD officers, and falsely arrested and jailed on their false "trespassing" charges never prosecuted. I got out of jail and fled to Florida: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0jiIQV1AnnCMkZKYnZ1T3NzcDQ/view?ths=true 

On 11/6/1996, Brady refused to retract her RICO letters, falsely pretending she had no knowledge of Franklin's 160 acres in Section 16, that was on IBLA appeal from BLM: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0jiIQV1AnnCMDRyTHdrSkNTWVk/view?ths=true

On 12/19/1996, the IBLA certified its final decision that: 1) "Consolidated" the Franklin DLE's; 2) "Rejected" consideration of Franklins' stare decisis land patent rights; and, 3) "Dismissed" Franklins Title patent rights. That was the final administrative decision exhausted for judicial court review, Bobby D. Franklin, IBLA 96-111, (consoldated) Bobby L. Franklin, IBLA 96-163 (unpublished). 

On 1/22/1997, Senator Reid demands Congressional action to swap and ultimately funnel Section 16 down to Robert Bilbray (The Laughlin Developer), but omits the well known fact the Franklins have an existing Title & patent rights on the 160 acres in Section 16: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0jiIQV1AnnCZ2tUXzd1TFgtRmc/view?ths=true 

On 2/5/1997, Laughlin Lt. Commander for LVMPD, TOM SMITTLEY breaks into Franklins' gated property, and red tags all property therein as abandoned property, with no warrant to do so: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0jiIQV1AnnCSVFOTHhFYV9BMWc/view?ths=true 

On 2/15/1997, Smittley orders all his LVMPD officers in Laughlin to destroy all locked gates and fences; all infrastructure therein; and, all other property Franklin has built in Section 16, with no warrant to do so:  https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0jiIQV1AnnCNlpHWGZBTk9jVU0/view?ths=true https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0jiIQV1AnnCWlVSZFIxdGE2THc/view?ths=true: 

On 6/18/1997, Harry Reid again urges BLM and Congress to transfer Section 16, ultimately to his cited  "private developer"  Robert Bilbray, and omits Franklins have Title to 160 acres in Section 16: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0jiIQV1AnnCeERNVEZMd1k4akE/view?ths=true 

During and after all of these years, the 9th Circuit Courts denied its jurisdiction and duty to examine or enforce my existing Title patent confirmation rights that were administratively exhausted for judicial court review: 

In 1999, Harry Reid enters the parties in his Public Land Task Force: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0jiIQV1AnnCY1hhRjlTNng4V00/view?ths=true

On 8/9/1999, Nevada Senior Deputy Attorney General for CRC, Gerald Lopez falsely stated to me by letter that Robert Bilbray did not embezzle 4,800 acres free of charge from the CRC: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0jiIQV1AnnCeDN1amN0MWlibW8/view?ths=true  

  1. Rio Alta Vista Properties is a fake corporation that does not even exist in the NV Secretary of State records, and is irrelevant to 4,800 acres unaccounted for:http://nvsos.gov/sos/   
  2. Colorado River Properties, Inc. is a fake corporation not filed in the NV Secretary of State, and is irrelevant to the 4,800 acres unaccounted for: http://nvsos.gov/sos/ http://nvsos.gov/sosentitysearch/
  3. The LA Times reports that in 1978, Robert Bilbray was 1st Title owner of 80% of the Town of Laughlin, while public records show he paid CRC $0 for it, & he paid $0 taxes on it. 80% X the 6,000 acres embezzled from the CRC = the 4,800 acres that Robert Bilbray sold to real developers to build the Laughlin community.  https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0jiIQV1AnnCaXIxZ24xSHlaVjA/view?ths=true             Here is Robert Bilbray's cash cow in his money laundering: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0jiIQV1AnnCR0xuRlIyVDdBYkk/view?ths=true         ......... https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0jiIQV1AnnCdEd0WXZjcEJCRU0/view?ths=true   
  4. Don Laughlin acquired 20% of Laughlin from the CRC, for free, which is the 1,200 acres of river front property, zoned for hotel casinos, that he sold to casino developers for about a $million per acre. And Bruce Woodbury happened to be the CRC Trustee during these transactions. The massive paper trails are astounding. 
  5. The CRC record clearly shows that Congress granted CRC 15,000 acres to start Laughlin development. Then 6,000 acres disappeared with no CRC accounting receipts of sale, and the taxes were paid by the many subcontractors and buyers who developed it: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0jiIQV1AnnCX3FzN3lYVC1UYVk/view?ths=true     [However, the CRC are also dirty liars & thieves. NV AG LOPEZ sent me the 15,000 acre land patent  & covenant that the U.S. gov't issued to CRC. It is dated 1964, not 1989.]
  6. The NV Sec of State Records; the County Recorder's Office; the County Business License Office; the County Clerk's Office; and, the County Assessor records all clearly prove  that Robert Bilbray embezzled 4,800 acres from CRC, and Don Laughlin embezzled 1,200 acres of river front casino property from CRC, who both had their subcontracting buyers pay taxes and build it. 4,800 acres + 1,200 acres = 6,000 acres embezzled from CRC, and that left the CRC with 9,000 acres to sell to somebody. 

In 1999, my father & I, and our process servers, attempted to serve  this enterprise with our RICO lawsuit, but Jackie Brady had me falsely arrested during process at her office. She falsely told the cops I was "stalking" her. My father was threatened to be beaten by the cops there; and, the cops said we were both trespassing in their Laughlin Public Government Center.  

In 2000, I reported this RICO activity and tax evasion to the Vegas FBI Director, who locked me up for reporting it. I also filed RICO action against the named party conspirators, in the Clark County District Court, who dismissed my Rico action without prejudice:  

NRS 207.520 Limitation of actions. A criminal action or proceeding under NRS 205.322 or 207.400 may be commenced at any time within 5 years after the conduct in violation of the section occurs. Except as otherwise provided in NRS 217.007, a civil action or proceeding under NRS 207.470 may be commenced at any time within 5 years after the violation occurs or after the injured person sustains the injury, whichever is later. If a criminal prosecution or civil action or other proceeding is brought to punish, prevent or restrain any violation of the provisions of NRS 205.322 or 207.400, the running of the period of limitations prescribed by this section with respect to any cause of action arising under NRS 207.470, which is based in whole or in part upon any matter complained of in the prosecution or proceeding, is suspended during the pendency of the prosecution or proceeding and for 2 years following termination of the prosecution or proceeding.      (Added to NRS by 1983, 1501; A 1985, 1828; 1993, 454

The (above) Nevada Rico statutes are tailored under the federal Rico statues, which provides further criminal and civil relief. 

In 2001, Commissioner Woodbury ordered a $3 million Olympic size swimming pool be built in the middle of the subdivisions that Robert Bilbray was selling off to home builders. The county taxpayers also pay $300,000 per year to maintain it, to this day: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1NXXPb6VWjVec9H_JyKA0dJIvtnP7RToMoWGnUH25Kbc/edit  

That same year, Woodbury ordered "Desert Road" running through my property in Section 16, changed into his name "Bruce Woodbury Drive". https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0jiIQV1AnnCUnJkQnl5T2x0MGc/view?ths=true

In 2003, (after the named members in this RICO enterprise failed to swap and transfer my property in Section 16) Brady and her Laughlin Town Advisory Board etc. (all appointed by Woodbury) created their campaign called "Envision Laughlin", to "1. Support BLM Auction of Sections 9 & 16": https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0jiIQV1AnnCd2gyd3ZnWWw3NW8/view?ths=true    ......................  https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0jiIQV1AnnCTndHamVMZVVHVjg/view?ths=true 

In 2005, (after they spent $millions more in their political campaign to steal my land in Section 16, and after Harry Reid had EPA shut down the coal-fired Mohave Generating Station for ENN Solar) their BLM Land Auction happened: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0jiIQV1AnnCTUtjSUJUMUhpT28/view?ths=true

In 2006, the BLM issued Don Laughlin the three land patents, and he recorded them as his Title with the County Recorder, adverse to my 1993 Title recorded there.

In 2006,  Don Laughlin & his BWD corporations sued the Franklin family into Sandoval's federal courtroom, to quiet title on the 80 acres in Section 16. 

In 2007, Sandoval's magistrate Peggy Leen filed her "ex parte order" that transferred DLE N-52292 into the Bruce Woodbury law firm possession. However, Leen was not a probate court to do so:  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1mkqOuPCkNJW2L_E8IT0TGFXgcURLwlkb23V6pwAXsIM/edit

Subsequently, word got around about Harry Reid and his son Rory's deal with ENN Energy from China, to acquire that 9,000 acres CRC had left. So Commissioner Woodbury lobbied the Hardy boys in the NV Legislature to make a law to transfer that 9,000 acres from CRC, onto his District A of Clark County: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0jiIQV1AnnCaldNYWE3R2NEeEk/view?ths=true

And the Hardy boys pulled it off for Woodbury: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0jiIQV1AnnCZi13MVlCZXFEQm8/view?ths=true 

In 2008, federal judge Sandoval (appointed by Harry Reid) refused his duty to "examine or enforce" Franklin's existing 80 acre Title in Section 16, on docket, and entered his "void order" granting BWD as owners of the 80 acres. 

In 2008, however, before Harry Reid & his son Rory & Woodbury got all their broker deals done with ENN, Woodbury got kicked off his Commissioner seat for District A, because he been District A Commissioner for decades, and there is now Term Limits: http://www.lasvegasnow.com/news/nevada-supreme-court-rules-on-term-limits/82457556

After all that happened, their entire 9,000 acre deal with ENN failed in Laughlin. And that is why Harry Reid and his son Rory have changed their target to "Gold Butte NV" for ENN Solar, and why the Bundy Ranch people are still in jail with no bail, which brings us full circle back to the beginning of this website.  

In short, Harry Reid's named RICO politicians are stacked to extort Franklins' property in Laughlin, the same as they are doing against the Bundy Ranch people. 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Don Laughlin's pattern of racketeering real estate:

On 11/30/2014, my property manager Duane Smith took pictures of my pillaged 160 acres in Section 16. DAVID LORDS had built a billboard on my land to sell it, on behalf of Don Laughlin, while knowing it was & is in abeyance in the judicial courts:  https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0jiIQV1AnnCQUY0VXdpVW5Ualk/view?ths=true


In 1993, I went to Cave Creek AZ to visit my sister for a few days. From there, I walked to Scottsdale window shopping, & saw a lawyer/broker office. I walked in & met David Lords & asked him if he wanted a broker assignment on my Laughlin estate. He never got back at me. Instead, he hooked up with Don Laughlin, who was the Director of the Bullhead City AZ Airport Authority, and had shops on such property. In short, Lords & Laughlin shifted $millions back & forth to each other on the Title records, to pretend they paid the Bullhead City Treasurer something. Then they sold parcels in the 1,000 of acres of City airport land to home builders to build "Laughlin Ranch" in Bullhead City AZ. Just like how Don Laughlin embezzled the 1,200 acres of river front property from the CRC, to sell to casino builders in Laughlin NV. 

This is David Lords today: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0jiIQV1AnnCTUdmUlNtOGx3T3M/view?usp=sharing


- - - - - - - - - - - - - 

In the Supreme Court of the United States, Case No. 16-1235

In 2016, On appeal from Sandoval's void order entered, the Nevada Court of Appeals affirmed Sandoval's void order: https://websites.godaddy.com/blob/15ed7369-3e99-4134-bab0-d764ba2c0ea7/downloads/1bh73bvuu_999748.pdf?575de905 

1. Such NV Court of Appeals consist of three appointed judges, and all three judges were appointed by "Sandoval":  Jerome Tao, Michael Gibbons, and Abbi Silver: http://gov.nv.gov/News-and-Media/Press/2014/Governor-Sandoval-Names-Inaugural-Appointments-to-the-Nevada-Court-of-Appeals/ 

   a. JEROME TAO direcly worked for Harry Reid in Washington DC, from 1996 to 2001. In fact, he was senior adviser for Harry Reid: https://app.luminpdf.com/viewer/svpvnixgLtDXzFRS9 . His work history: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B0jiIQV1AnnCWHJ2SWZmeHI2dGc .  And he refused to recuse himself from my Case 16-1235.                         In 2011, Sandoval appointed Tao as his Clark County District Court judge; and, in 2014, Sandoval appointed Tao as his NV Court of Appeals judge: http://nvcourts.gov/Supreme/Court_Information/Court_of_Appeals/Judges/Judge_Jerome_T__Tao/       And of course, Harry Reid had Sandoval appointed as his fed judge, onto his NV Governor:     https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brian_Sandoval  

In fact, Tao; Kornze; Navarro; Sandoval; Woodbury; Bilbray; and, Brady are direct associates with Harry Reid and his son Rory's project to build their Solar Energy Power Plant in Clark County NV, for ENN corp from China. 

   b. In 2014, Sandoval also appointed Michael Gibbons as his NV Court of Appeals judge, as verified above.   

Mark Gibbons is the brother of Nevada Court of Appeals Judge Michael P. Gibbons.  Mark Gibbons is the NV Supreme Court justice that was recused from my US Supreme Court case 16-1235, because of his conflicting interest. Mark Gibbons is also the "Registered Agent" for some of Robert Bilbray corporations: http://nvsos.gov/sosentitysearch/  

In short, Harry Reid's named RICO politicians are stacked to extort Franklins' property in Laughlin, the same as they are doing against the Bundy Ranch people. 

Racketeering moves to Bunkerville Nevada

On *-*-2014, BLM Director NEIL KORNZE ordered 200 contracted mercenaries and snipers to invade the Bundy Ranch people, targeted to impound the Bundy cattle grazing on "Gold Butte NV". 

In December of 2016, Harry Reid and his organized Groups finally persuade Obama to classify Gold Butte NV as their National Monument, which makes Cliven Bundy's cattle grazing on Gold Butte illegal. 

Full Circle back to the Beginning

More documents coming in a moment... 

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